Sunday, October 19, 2014

One day at a time.......



It is a warm day here today. I am enjoying it while I can.

On some days I have more energy than others. When I sit still too long it hurts in my joints and bones to get up. When I walk too much it hurts in my joints and bones to move. When will this subside?

My healthy eating is going fantastic. I make all the food fresh each day, so this takes 95% more time than before. I go to the butcher every 2 to 3 days for the fresh meat. It is only me on this way of eating right now. When I am where I want to be it will be easier to get the rest of the family to join in.

So now that I am not small snacking in between meals I have time on my hands and I spend this time thinking about the next meal in regards to preparation.

This is a complete turnaround for me in terms of eating style. Before it was processed foods almost exclusively and a lot of sweet stuff. Now, it is breakfast every morning, natural food and eating a carb., fat and a protein at each meal. No processed foods.

The first few days I ate a lot of these good foods because I thought that I was going to be hungry. Imagine my surprise when I ate an egg omelet and a large amount of asparagus for breakfast and I was not hungry until after 1 pm. It was a strange sensation.

After one week, I went back to meet Ben, my PT. He said I was a star student. In 7 days, I had lost 2 pounds of body fat. (He measured it)  I am committed to this. I am committed to ending the year 2014 on a high note.

This is a battle not unlike the battle against cancer to improve my health. A lower body fat percentage helps in all areas of life.

Yes, my food choices are safe and boring but to have done it now for more than 12 days and still able to eat these healthy foods is a huge step for me.  I AM FOCUSED.

In time I will add to the menu with new recipes. It will come naturally. Right now I am thriving and surviving on eggs, broccoli, asparagus, mushrooms, salad, carrots, spinach, chicken, steak and fish along with all sorts of nuts and seeds.

Workouts start next week......
It seems like I have so much time but I don't get anything done- or at least it doesn't look that way. I am doing the bare minimum to keep the household working and the kids clothed and fed. Doing anything takes so much energy so I am definitely not up to speed like I was before and need to rest and not plan more than one thing a day.

It is frustrating but my main focus now is eating right and getting my body healthy. Then I will be able to focus on all the other stuff. (which is piling up and starting to stress me just a little bit....)

I do enjoy going for walks and being observant to my surroundings- there is so much to see if you just look....


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