Monday, November 10, 2014

New perspectives

2014 November 10


It has been a while since I shared what has been going on.

The new me is trying and doing a lot more things and trying to maintain that positive attitude on life.

I have changed the way that I eat. It is working. I don't eat processed foods anymore. It is vegetables, meats, fish, poultry and nuts. I am losing weight, slowly but surely. (I really would like that part to go faster....)

I am now working with my personal trainer, Ben who is patient and focused on getting me in shape. I am not as patient as him but I am very focused. I work out in the gym three times a week and I walk at least 4 miles every day. It the new me.

My views of the Thames during my walks.

It feels good to be in control of those two areas of my life - the eating and the exercise.

The positive attitude in life is easy in most respects because I see things and experience things differently. I have joked that it is the post chemo glow that gets the waiter to wink at me, the bus driver to joke with me, and the crepe store owner who waves to me every time I walk by his establishment. I am more aware of my surroundings and I interact with them more or maybe in a different way.

I think it is important to spend quality time with the family. As they are teenagers, they tend not to agree to the same extent but my challenge is to win them over.

So this past weekend I told them to be ready to go on a family outing at 8 am on Sunday morning. Leaving at 9 am was a major accomplishment. My thoughts were to see a little bit of the UK while we are living here. Our destination was Canterbury to see the Canterbury Cathedral, the Norman Castle and to eat lunch together. The kids found out where we were going as we drove out of London. We talked about Chaucer and his story Canterbury Tales on the way there.

Norman Castle ruins in Canterbury
Canterbury Cathedral

Inside of the Cathedral

My boys and Sophie on Whitstable Beach
It was a long day but really fun to see all these things. It gave us family time together. We even went to the beach at Whitstable and walked along the boardwalk. Sophie jumped in for a dip in that cold water. The drive back was just long enough.

I consider that day a success because they said that next time they wanted to be in on the planning. (and they even thanked me when we got home)

The new me is taking advantage of all opportunities to enjoy life. 

Mia and her family visited over fall break. It was awesome to have them here. The house seems empty now they are gone. The children impressed us when we had an afternoon tea at a really nice place and they used every one of their manners while eating and drinking from the fine china.

Last week, Jodi Picoult launched her latest book in the UK. Myself and a few of the other moms from school, who have formed a book club all went together. It was really exciting for me because my dad had Jodi as a student back in high school and they are still in touch. So, I finally got to meet her backstage after hearing so many fantastic things about her from my dad all these years. What an amazing experience to listen to her talking about her book and her life. Her latest book is called Leaving Time and I am halfway through.........(I highly recommend it)

Me and Jodi Picoult
The day after the book launch, I was invited to attend a film screening of Sweet Dreams which was sponsored by the Women for Women network. The organisation helps women in the countries where they need it most. It was a very inspirational evening.

I have more energy than I have had in a while. It feels good and I need to maintain that energy and start getting more things done but at a comfortable pace so I don't end up overdoing it. I also have to decide what to do with my hair.......

GRATEFUL for my family, my friends (both new and old), the sights I see in London, the new things I get to experience and the fact that my fight song, BRAVE- helps me during my gym workout so I can kick some butt and lose all of this body fat........


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  1. Anonymous11/11/14

    So glad to hear about all the positiveness in your life... I am sure that your gratitude has a lot to do with your commitment, however you always were a doer. (let your hair grow and keep it under control with hair products until you find the look that you want to rock). Joni