Thursday, November 20, 2014

I actually like the weather here.



Some days it rains and pours in the morning. I dress warmly and with a hoodie or an umbrella so the kids can get to school.  Rain in the morning usually means that by lunch time the sun will be shining.

We have been so lucky with the weather here. Rain is always followed by the sun so you almost forget that it rained.

The clouds in the afternoon form in such magnificent ways and are ever shifting and creating new patterns and the eventual rainbow. I am fascinated by it.

The low clouds mean the planes try and fly in under them on their approach to Heathrow. It makes things exciting here.

The kids notice the weather but have not yet worn any wellington boots. They just try and avoid the puddles as they walk to school with sneakers on their feet.  They have commented that it is grey and the sun is not out as much but that is partially due to their curtains always being closed.

Walking home from the gym while it is raining is almost magical. I have my headphones in my ears, my hoodie up and just listen to my music and watch the world move to the beat.

Now it is time for a little break from London. Me and some of the other moms from the school are heading to Lisbon for a girls weekend. It will be good to focus on me.

Peter will be doing some fundraising for the UK Lymphoma association next year when he plans to bike from London to Paris in 4 days. He will start training in January for the September race. That will really be an accomplishment. I will be standing at the finish line cheering him on!

OK time to finish packing. Check everything off my list. Looking forward to some good food, great company and a lot of laughs.


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