Wednesday, October 8, 2014

A healthy lifestyle



I made it through the whole day just eating good foods. I can't believe it.

My personal trainer, Ben gets an email from me with a picture each time I have a meal. I am getting positive feedback and I am focused. (Just for today I am going to share them because I am so proud of myself.)

6:30 am -Breakfast was a 3 egg omelette with peppers and mushroom and a handful of nuts.

I was not hungry again until after 12 noon. I resisted those urges to have a snack just because.

Lunch was chicken with asparagus stir fry, rocket salad and some almonds.

Trying to make Ben laugh with my notes.

No snacks again - not feeling the hunger.

Dinner was lemon and lime sprinkled over chicken, fresh peppers, carrots on a bed of salad.

I just got home from Pilates and I am ready for bed.

Today was a good day but now I am exhausted. Took the kids to school, went to a parent coffee to meet the other parents, home to have car picked up, walk the dog, read the letter from the doctor confirming menopause, make lunch, head to school and stop on the way to get a rake. Get home, relax for 15 minutes and then make dinner for me and the kids before I headed off to Pilates.

We had a new teacher at Pilates today. She asked does anyone have any issues? I said that I have poor balance and motor skills. Now everyone in the class knows that. I am improving but still get pissed off that I can't do everything because it hurts. It just makes me more determined.

Am I defined by my cancer? I am a little sad that all these people that I am meeting, only know me as the one recovering from cancer. Its got good and bad sides but nothing I can change. I am who I am.

Every time I tell the story I am amazed myself at all that I have gone through. The body and mind are amazing things!

My aim is to end this year on a positive note and embrace this new lifestyle of healthy eating, lose all my excess body fat and become a lean and healthy person. I have the focus and now I just have to put in the hard work. It will be so worth it and I am in control of my own destiny!


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  1. Anonymous18/10/14

    Roligt att läsa att det går så bra för dig och att du ändrat livsstil!/ irre