Tuesday, October 7, 2014




Each day is a gift. I have been busy (albeit in a slow manner) and it feels good.

A few days after the positive results and the stress has been released with the positive results. I need to get back on track of living life according to the new normal for me. Aches and pains are now a part of life at the moment. So, my way forward is to do everything I can just like before but in a slower manner.

I spent a half day out with two personal shoppers, Claudia and Michele. It was fantastic. I met them at the store, went into the dressing room and they brought loads of clothes for me to try on that were fashionable, smart and within my price range. This continued in two other stores. I would not have had the energy to do this by myself. It was nice to add real clothes to my wardrobe and also build up my confidence to wear these nicer clothes. It was a great day and left me filled with energy mentally but physically tired. (It was a day of rest the day after)

We are getting into a routine with the kids. School is going well. They are making new friends. I am making new friends. The dog is making new friends.

NFL game at Wembley

OK, so feeling better day by day but still need to take things slow. My body is very good at letting me know when to slow down.

Next on my list is to get a personal trainer and get on track with eating healthy and losing all this extra fat I am dragging around. My motivation is high. I think it will make a difference in my recovery. Lucky me, I have found a place that will combine the healthy eating and the exercise component so I am on my way. Today, I start healthy eating.  (OK, all of my close friends that have just read that sentence and fallen off their chairs, please pick up the chair and sit back down. I have decided that now is the time to make this change -----life is too short)

I am learning many new things, I am experiencing many new things and enjoying everything that life has to offer.

Yesterday we were at the live taping of the TV show "Live at the Apollo". It was one of the things that was one our list and now we can cross it off. It was really fun and the best of all was that the tickets were free.

One of my new outfits.
I think there is a "glow" or "attitude" emanating from me because many more people are noticing me and I am not used to it. The owner of the crepe restaurant waves like crazy every time I walk by the restaurant. One of the bus drivers kids around with me (maybe its flirting) the last two times I got on his bus. Maybe it's me being more outgoing or maybe that's how they are to all women here or maybe it is my "sexy" hairstyle as it grows in.  I don't know but it is fun to be appreciated.

New Friends. Old Friends. I am so blessed to have so many. I miss the ones I don't see every day.

OK, I will try to update more often because my chemo brain doesn't remember many days after anything happens.



  1. Anonymous8/10/14

    Vad du strålar!! Snygg outfit oxå!
    Jag förstår att du syns o märks!!!
    Du har en fantastisk karisma o den bästa personligheten man kan ha! Stor kram till dig bästa Teresa! LOVE Petra

    1. Tack Petra! (Man kan säga samma sak angående dig!!!!!!!!!!)

  2. LOVE that outfit! You look like Ellen Degeneres but still you, very cool and smart! So happy to read about your new life, here and now to the fullest. Have a great new week with new health regime and lifestyle! Hugs