Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Road Trip


We got up early and I was pleased because we had prepared well the night before so departure was nearly painless. We left a little bit after 8 am and headed toward South Carolina on our first stop at my godmother's house for lunch. The ride down was exciting as my sister had tasked us with taking pictures and videos in a scavenger hunt that would be done by all of our families.

The scavenger hunt list had many funny items on it and we completed almost all of them with bravado. I washed the windshield of a stranger, Marcus bought a doughnut for a stranger, we got a stranger to do the chicken dance with us and filmed it. It made the trip go a little faster....

We arrived at my Terry's house just in time for lunch. It was great to see Terry, Charlie and Connie. Lunch was great. It had been a long time since we had seen each other and it was great to catch up. THANKS.

My Godmother Terry
After a couple of hours and plenty of laughing it was time for us to continue on our way. Next stop was St. Augustine, Florida. USA's oldest city and also home to the Fountain of Youth. It was great to be just the 5 of us for this trip down. Things were back to normal with the kids fighting in the backseat and me having to turn around and threaten to take away their electronic items.......

We arrived kind of late after driving 4 hours and taking a dinner break. We stayed in a great hotel which has a lot of history too. Very cool hotel called the Casa Monica in St. Augustine.

Breakfast in the morning and then we headed to the Fountain of Youth park for the morning activity. We drank from the fountain, saw a old times weapon demonstration and learned a bunch of cool things about how Ponce de Leon navigated and made his way to St. Augustine way back when.......

A pleasant morning and it was time for the final leg of the journey. More items to be completed on our scavenger list on the way. That was fun. We are sure we are going to win. 

We arrived to the Middle River Manor which is a huge house for the 22 of us to stay in this week to celebrate my parent's 50th wedding anniversary. It will be fun and exciting. 

I am tired but will do my best to rest and still not miss any fun. These side effects to the cancer treatment are a bit exacerbated in this heat but lucky we have air conditioning........

We laughed around the dinner table as all of us ate good food, drank good wine and told good stories from when we were young.



  1. How wonderful to follow your adventures in da USA meeting family and friends! that mansion is just awesome, cannot wait to see you posting some photos from the inside. Enjoy yourself and have FUN! xxx

    1. Hej Eila, it has been a great week with all of us together.

  2. Anonymous3/7/14

    Hej Teresa! Vad underbart att du får njuta av semester, ledighet och det fantastiska beskedet ifrån din läkare!! Trots att allt inte går lika fort som du är van vid😄. Hälsa hela familjen och dina gulliga föräldrar!!
    Stor kram! Ulrica på SOUL

    1. Hej Ulrica, Mina föräldrar hälsar tillbaka. Nu börjar håret växer tillbaka lite......kanske behöver fixa till den lite så småningom. KRAM KRAM

  3. Anonymous3/7/14

    Du är bra på att njuta av livet. En fantastisk gåva!/ irre

  4. Tack Irre. Hoppas att du ha det bra nu på sommaren.