Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Just a little shopping

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

It is me doing my usual stuff when visiting my friends and relatives in the USA just in a much slower pace. Feels weird and sometimes frustrating to do everything slower or just less of the usual but this is the new normal.

Tuesday night was dinner with the Swedish girls. It was so great to see Ann, Ingrid, Lena, Anett and Åsa again. We laughed, ate good food and got caught up again. We sat outside at the restaurant and it was a typical Southern hot and humid evening. The big fans blowing the air around and my head was having sweating issues. Used a lot of napkins to dry it off. I sat there and was thankful that I was able to eat dinner with them. THANKS GIRLS.
Ann, Anett and I

Lena, Ingrid and I

Asa and I

Wednesday was a lunch with the ladies in the old neighborhood with food from one of my favorite places Qdoba. Robin, Chris, Joni and I were hosted by Carla. I can't believe it is 8 years since we lived here. Our kids are all bigger but we haven't aged....thankfully. It was awesome to catch up with everybody. THANKS GIRLS.
Robin, Carla, Kris, Me and Joni
Home again to my brother's house and I took a nap before it was time for the evenings activity of going to Nicole's book club meeting. That was really fun and relaxing and tasty sangria was served.

Thursday morning was taking it easy, a quick run to the store to get some stuff, pick up a tray of chicken nuggets for the kids lunch and get back in time for the noon kickoff of team USA. It was a good game and the USA is on to the round of 16 even though they lost to Germany.

The games was over and luckily Peters flight from London was delayed so I could pick him up at the airport in time. It was great to see him and we drove home in some light traffic to my brothers house and got ready for our friends Jim and Teresa to come over for dinner. Nicole made a fantastic filet mignon dinner and we all laughed and enjoyed our time together. It wasn't quite with 6 kids and 6 adults around the table but next week will be even more rambunctious around the dinner table when we are 12 kids and 10 adults.

Friday dawned and Peter claimed a bit of jet lag. We headed out to get some stuff for Peter and my niece Katelyn joined us along with our boys. A few hours later and we are home again with most of the necessary shopping done.
In and out of the car for shopping....
Time for a little nap before we head out to another of our favorite restaurants called Nakatos. It is a Japanese  steak house. As usual it was a great time and great food. Then of course because it is America- the stores were still open so we got in another two hours of shopping. Yippie- says Peter. The evening was punctuated with a major thunder and lightning storm along with torrential rain. LOVE THUNDERSTORMS IN THE SOUTH. 


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