Thursday, July 24, 2014

Hot in the House.....

July 21-July 24

It has been a hot hot week in Stockholm. Practically no houses have air-conditioning here. Ours doesn’t.  It is then important to have many doors and windows open and hope for a breeze to blow through.  It is an added dimension to a good summer here.

The hot weather means everything is slower. The kids move slower. The wasps move slower. The dog moves slower. And I was already moving slower so now I am almost at a standstill.

I have so much to do and no energy to do it so I just do one thing on the list and try to forget about everything else.  That is easier said than done. That is the issue with the move -the uneasy feeling that there are too many loose ends that only I can fix.

I am doing the bare minimum while trying to recover from the cancer treatments that have taken a toll on my physically and now even mentally. Yesterday speaking with Madeleine, she made a good point about the recovery from cancer.

“It is like your body and your mind are on two different journeys”

The body is cancer free and is healing itself from the side effects.  The mind is thinking of all sorts of things and working through the unbelievable occurrence of getting cancer and the routine of the treatments to get rid of it . And then wondering if it is really gone to worrying that if it is gone that it will come back. There is very little respite from these thoughts.

As I was driving today I realized that I haven’t said thank you to all of the people that have sent words of encouragement and been there for me.

Here is the list (not in any specific order)
Thank you Mia, Peter, Kevin, Marcus, Eric, Nikki, Nicole, Kris, Mike, Dan, Jen, Mom, Dad, Ann, Charlotte, Maria, Annica, Stina, Gunilla, Marie, Dale, Sarah, Pearl, Petra B., Marie-Claire, Anna H., Ellinor, Maggan, Helena, Åse, Katherine, Melissa, Katja, Petra J., Petra H., Erika, Donna, Inga-lill, Joni, Bridget, Carla M., Carla P., Marianne, Robin, Molly, Mary, Clara, Terry, Colleen, Ulrika, Sofie, Ingrid, Karin, Lena, Åsa, Doreen, Liz, Angelika, Kicki, Anna, Silvia, Kim, Stacy, Dawn, Annelie, Maria, Gey, Reinhold, Evy, Putte, Ida, Kerstin, Mikaela, Eva, Kenneth, Nina, Catharina, Jessica, Hans, Johanna, Victoria, Emma, Zennie, Aiga, Sol, Emma, Elspeth, Sally, Silvia, Emma, Hajar, Jennie, Nisha, Michelle, Jacqueline, Amanda, Tina, Hema, Rebecca, Yingje, Jennifer, Tamara, Erika, Elisabeth, Gillian, Hagit, Victoria, Terri, Claire, Barbara, Aarthi, Grainne, Elaine, Harry, Eila, Irre, SL, Marisa, Stefan, Suzanne, Henric, Anett, Micke P., Mikael, Annika, Eileen, Jackson, Ashley, Katelyn, Katarina, Doris, Julie, Penny, Amy, Lisa, Peo, Lisa, Eva-Karin, Göte, Oskar, Erik, Frida, Anna, Anton,  Åke, Susan, Dianna, Debora, Natalie, Danny, Tammy, Helen, Ulrica, Jenny, Anders, Patrik, Thomas, Veronica, Rocky, Cia, Shelly and I am sure that I have missed many more.

I am BLESSED to have so many people in my life that care.

It is still hot here as evening approaches. We are almost done packing for the adventure that really starts tomorrow.



  1. Anonymous26/7/14

    Everyone is a reflection of you... the caring person that you are. to you next adventure. Cheers! Jim & Joni

  2. Madeleine is spot on, you are on two different journeys and will be for a quite some time. Be kind to yourself, remember you have to put on the oxygen mask on yourself first before you can help others. Be safe, be happy! xoxo