Sunday, July 6, 2014

50th Wedding Anniversary Week

2014.06.30 to 2014.07.05

My parents got married 50 years ago and this week all their kids and grandchildren are staying in a beautiful house in Florida. It sleeps all 22 of us. This is the first time we have all been together in a long time.

It has been a fun week.

My ambition levels are set low. I am tired but do a little bit each day. I want to do a lot but get tired so easily. It is frustrating but l am trying to not let it bother me. Many people think... Oh cancer free - now you are better......   Unfortunately all the darn side effects will take a year to disappear and only I have to live with them. I don't feel like explaining to everyone all my issues.



The first full day and we spent the time getting acquainted with the house, it's huge. During the week each of our families were responsible for one dinner for the rest of us. This means great dinners every night but only needing to prepare one night. A fun day with the cousins.


It was Eric's birthday today. My youngest son turned 11. We celebrated at lunch with an ice cream cake for dessert and him being sung to by all his cousins.

Then the rest of the day was spent with getting ready for the evening ceremony for the renewal of their wedding vows and the wedding dinner. The priest arrived at 5pm and the ceremony started shortly thereafter my parents were repeating the words they said to each other 50 years ago.

The Happy Couple

A little crying and a little giggling but they made it through. The champagnes toast was followed by a sit down dinner and sharing the memories. Then the wedding cake was served and the dancing followed.

Looking at their 50th Anniversary Book

This day was spent recovering from yesterday's festivities. Poolside in the morning, a quick supermarket trip, dinner and games. Feeling pretty good as long as I don't over do it. The afternoons in Florida are usually punctuated with lightning and thunder storms. Just today we got a good wind storm also as the edges of Hurricane Arthur were off the coast.


Our day started early as we piled into The three cars and drove west to the Everglades for our family's Christmas present to the rest of the family. It was an airboat tour in the Everglades all of us in one boat to see the wildlife.

Really really fun as we were wearing our family shirts. We got to see some alligators and learn the history of the Everglades.

We headed back to the house and ate lunch. Our night for dinner preparation was tonight. I am trying to conserve my energy. I focused my attentions to reading reviews for the best Italian restaurant in the area. Excellent- ordered 8 large pizzas and some side dishes and we made a salad. Couldn't be easier. Yum yum good pizza.

Another part of the evening responsibilities was to organize a game for the whole group. The only thing that seemed appropriate was to use the architecture of this 4 story house to our benefit. The two games included making the best paper airplane and paper helicopter and launching them from the 3rd floor and make it land on the wine cellar floor at the bottom of the house. It was an exciting event and we all got exercise walking up the stairs and launching our planes.

FRIDAY -4th of July Happy Independence Day.

In the USA, the festivities start in the late afternoon so we have time for daytime activities. Our family got in the car and headed for Hollywood Beach, the best Florida beach it was a fun way to spend the afternoon.

We got back and dinner preparations were already full speed ahead. Dinner was hosted by my parents are we were done in time for the fireworks. We went up to thereof terrace and watched in a 360 degrees view all around us the spectacular fireworks show.


Awake and a big bacon and pancakes breakfast hits the spot. The cousins are having. Great time together. The weather has been hit or miss each day. sun, a little clouds, rain, lightning and thunder and then sun again while all the time being hot, hot, hot. (Unless of course you are inside in the air conditioning...)

Tonight is our last night here all together. It has been fun. We ended the week with turning the lights out and playing a big game of hide and seek.



  1. Anonymous6/7/14

    Fantastiskt!!! Tänker på dina föräldrar - wow - LÄNGE LEVE KÄRLEKEN!! Hälsa dem såååå mkt för oss<3333!
    Fantastiskt oxå att du grejar allt kära vän! Du e enastående!
    Vi ser framemot att träffa er kanske v 30? Vi e på Stavsnäs då. MUCH LOVE TO ALL OF YOU!! Petra med familj

    1. Mina föräldrar hälsar också tillbaka. KRAM KRAM

  2. Erika Arenborn8/7/14

    Låter som ni har en toppenresa och har haft en härlig familjesammankomst tillsammans med dina föräldrar. Bra att du lyssnar på din kropp och tar dagen som den kommer! Sommarvärmen har kommit till Stockholm nu, förhoppningsvis hinner ni njuta lite av den också innan flyttlasset går till London! Kram!

    1. Kul med sommarvärme i Sverige. Det känns skönt! KRAM KRAM

  3. Oh WOW! that house is magnificent, like having a luxury resort all by yourselves! What fabulous reading Teresa, really such an amazing trip you're on! SO glad you're having a terrific time! Yah! +33C in Stockholm today *sweating*. Have fun fun and more FUN!! xoxo

    1. Hej Eila, yes it was a fantastic house. The only thing missing was a chef and a maid.............