Monday, February 24, 2014

BRAVE Monday


  • FRIENDS are a blessing and I am truly blessed!

Awoke early to messages from friends on the other side of the Atlantic. A good way to start the day. Mary sent a suggested fight song called BRAVE by Sara Bareilles. A fantastic song that got me crying to start the day with happy tears and a release of tension. It really was spot on. Thanks Mary, it is now on my most played music playlist.

Not long after listening to the song it was Carla, (friends since high school) and we got to talk. Thank goodness for the 9 hours time difference. Fantastic and meaningful especially when she said she would come here and help! (Although not with the cooking that is not her forte....) Thanks Carla, I am grateful.

Took a walk before meeting Sarah för lunch at Vapianos. The company was great and the food was too right up until the point I found a bug in my rucola salad. Will not be ordering that again anytime soon!

Some of my friends are awesome at "pestering me" with their presence either online or in person and I really appreciate it. You check in on me, ask the right questions, put it into perspective. You know who you are.....

I am the worst person in the world to ask others for help. I can do everything myself, right? Well, I am starting to realize that I have to put all my focus on me so I can beat this cancer's ass and I also have to let other people help me. That is heavy for me.

I know how many people are willing to help and it makes me happy and overwhelmed with the loving support of all those around me. This will help me get through it all. Right?

Now it is time to prepare my questions for the first meeting with the lymphoma doctors tomorrow. I am nervous for the tests that will be done but now I am ready for more information and a plan forward. A good day today as now I am ready as I will ever be for tomorrow............

I am a FIGHTER. I am BRAVE. I will ask for HELP. I am LOVED.


  1. Skickar dig ett hjärta för du är den du är!! Kram

  2. Erika Arenborn24/2/14

    Bra inställning Teresa! Vi hejar på dig och behöver du hjälp med något så hojta till!

  3. Tack Erika och Björn. Good Attitude will get me where I need to be.....cancer-free!

  4. You are so precius and You are such a warrior. I'm impressed and proud of being your friend. Soon we will be home - always there for you and your family, always there to help. All our thoughts and love to you tomorrow. Love from all of us.

    1. Hej Caroline- glad you are my friend too. KRAM KRAM KRAM