Thursday, January 15, 2015

Six month check-up.....focused



Well, I am doing great on all my New Year's Resolutions except one. (that would be the one where I update the blog at least every second or third day.................)

I am not perfect, so suffice to say that this one will be a reflection on the first two weeks of this year 2015. A new start.

I am trying and have truly succeeded in doing something,  learning something or visiting somewhere new each day. Every day so far has brought revelation and appreciation for that day's activity. (not always remembering

I love living in London. I appreciate all my new friends. I love having visitors and showing them around. I saw another famous person at the local cafe and even talked to him. I am busting my butt at the gym, eating well and loving life most every hour of every day.

A fun time was had by all.
I will not write about the things that I should have done. I am slowly but surely getting those things off my list.

OK, so we need to take down the Christmas tree. I need to organize a little more. I need to put my clothes into the closet after they have been folded. All very meaningless tasks in the big scheme of things. Hakuna Matata.

Love the creative parking.
My in-laws were here for a weekend just less than four days after my parents left. We celebrated Reinhold's 70th birthday in style: Lion King, dinner the next night and walks around town. Honored that he wanted to celebrate it with us. 

Tomorrow I head to Sweden because I have my 6-month check up on Monday and removal of my central line on Tuesday right after I get my haircut at SOUL. (curls be gone.....)

My anxiety level is not as bad as it was last time. I am just living my life the best I can and will deal with whatever the doctor says on Monday.

I am flying first class. (OK, not really, it will just feel like that because I will be flying without the rest  of the family....) Just going to chill. Not bringing my computer. Face to face conversations with friends will be like winning the lottery.

I did win the lottery. I kicked cancer's butt. I have family and friends who tolerate love me. 

BE BRAVE. LOVE LIFE. (thinking about getting my tattoo in February.....)

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